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The list view is the first screen displayed by PlaceMaker.  The list view is split into three areas – the map at the top, the list in the middle, and the toolbar at the bottom.



Tap on an icon on the map to display an infowindow with the stop name and address.  Tap on the infowindow to launch navigation.

Long press on the map to add a stop at a particular position on the map.

Pinch the map to zoom in/zoom out


Tap on the stop icon to autozoom in/out of the stop.

Tap on the middle of the stop to view/edit stop details.

Long press on the middle to move stop quickly to the first/last stop or by entering a stop number.

Tap on the travel time and distance button to launch navigation. 


Change map style – normal, hybrid, satellite, terrain

Maximize map


Toggle Location Mode – Show All Stops, Follow-me North up, Follow-me Travel Direction Up, Follow-me Off

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