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List View

Screen Shot 2022-10-27 at 05.56.57.png

The list view is the first screen displayed by PlaceMaker.  The list view is split into three areas – the map at the top, the list in the middle, and the toolbar at the bottom.

Upper Menu Bar

  • Menu - tap the three bars in the upper left corner to open the menu

  • Undo / Redo - when available, undo and redo will appear 

  • Search in List - quickly find a stop in the list

  • Text Scanner - use the camera to scan text for addresses (iOS 16 and above only)

  • Barcode Scanner - use the camera to scan FedEx, Hermes, Royal Mail Mailmark barcodes (premium feature)


  • Tap on an icon on the map to display an infowindow with the stop name and address.  Tap on the infowindow to launch navigation.

  • Long press on the map to add a stop at a particular position on the map.

  • Pinch the map to zoom in/zoom out or rotate.

  • Change map style – normal, hybrid, satellite, terrain

  • Maximize map to full screen​

  • Toggle Location Mode – Show All Stops, Follow-me North up, Follow-me Travel Direction Up, Follow-me Off


  • Tap on the stop icon to zoom in to/out of the stop.

  • Tap on the middle of the stop to view/edit stop details.

  • Long press on the middle to move stop to the first/last stop or to a specific stop number.

  • Tap on the travel time and distance button to launch a travel application.  Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, Uber, and Lyft are supported.

  • Navigation integration can be set to either prefer GPS coordinates or address.

  • Long press and drag on the status bar to adjust the size of the map and list.

Optimize List

optimize list 1.png

Route optimization is available with a subscription.


To optimize the route, tap on the up/down arrows at the bottom of the list, then tap “Optimize Route”.

optimize list 2.png

When the optimization is complete, a popup will display summarizing the results of the route optimization.  Tap Reorder stops to accept the optimized route (and reorder your stops) or cancel if you want to ignore the optimization. 


The first and last stop will not be moved, but the other stops will ordered to minimize travel time.


Since the first and last stops won’t be moved, the best practice is to enter your home/office/warehouse as the first and last stop.

Text Scanner

Screenshot 2022-11-05 at 06.55.21.png

The text scanner can add one or many addresses from any text.

After launching the text scanner, center the address in the camera viewfinder.

When an address is recognized, the device will vibrate, and the recognized address will appear at the bottom of the list.  

To add the address to the stop list swipe right.

To remove the address from the list of recognized addresses, swipe left.

To add all of the recognized addresses to the stop list, tap the button at the bottom of the screen.

The text scanner allows you add many addresses at one time by pointing the camera at different addresses over and over without exiting the text scanner.

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