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  • How do I get started with PlaceMaker?
    Tap the + button in the lower right corner of the screen to enter search mode to add stops. The first stop should be where you start your route. Typically home, office, or warehouse. Then you add all of the stops you need to make. The last stop you add should be where you want to end. Typically home, office, or warehouse. After you add all your stops, tap Done to return to the list. If you need to move a stop to be first or last, the easiest way is to do a long press in the middle of the stop, and a menu will appear allowing you to move the stop. When you have all of your stops, tap the button with the arrows point up and down in the middle bottom of the screen, and then tap Optimize Route. Optimize Route will leave the first and last stop, and reorder all of the other stops for an optimal route.
  • How can I find an address in PlaceMaker?
    There are four search engines available in the iOS version of PlaceMaker – Apple Search, Google Search, Here, and What3Words. To temporarily switch to Google search, tap on “Apple” or “A” to the left of the search text box and select Google. What3words addresses can be entered in the search text box. The Android version supports Here search only.
  • What does up to 25 stops per list mean?
    Each paid subscription allows for up to a certain number of stops per list, with an unlimited number of lists. For example, the up to 25 stops subscription you could create and optimize 2 new lists each day with 25 stops per list.
  • How do I optimize my route?
    Route optimization is available with a subscription. For iOS, to optimize the route, tap on the up/down arrows at the bottom of the list, then tap “Optimize Route”. When the optimization is complete, a popup will display summarizing the results of the route optimization. Tap Reorder stops to accept the optimized route (and reorder your stops) or cancel if you want to ignore the optimization. The first and last stop will not be moved, but the other stops will ordered to minimize travel time. Since the first and last stops won’t be moved, the best practice is to enter your home/office/warehouse as the first and last stop. On Android, to optimize the route, tap Optimize, and then tap reorder stops to accept the optimal order.
  • How do I use PlaceMaker on multiple devices?
    There are two options: 1. Email the list from one device to the other. Tap the box with the arrow pointing up at the bottom of the screen, then tap E-Mail and Export List, then tap PlaceMaker File (for Import) and share the file". The recipient will be able to tap on the list attachment, and open it in PlaceMaker if they have PlaceMaker installed. 2. Sync the list. This is available in the “Up to 150 stops/list” and “Over 150 stops/list” subscriptions. In order to sync using the server, - Sign In (tap on the menu, then tap Sign-In) - Tap on the box with the arrow pointing up - Tap on Edit users. Users can be added as editors (can add/modify stops, delete list), commenters (can check/uncheck stops and change stop color), and read only.
  • How do I move a stop?
    There are several ways to move a stop: 1. Drag - press and hold in the middle of any stop, and you can drag it up or down. This works well iff you only have a few stops or are not moving the stop very far. 2. Long Press - long press on the middle of a stop will display a pop-up which will allow you to make the stop the first stop, last stop, or enter a new stop number. 3. Edit List (iOS only) - In the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, there is a button with three dots and dashes. This will change the list into edit mode where you can delete and drag stops. 4. Move range (iOS only) - if you tap the pencil in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, there is an option "Move Range" which allows you to move a continuous range of stops to another place in the list.
  • I’ve purchased a subscription, but the app isn’t recognizing the subscription. Help!"
    The subscription process is controlled by the Apple App Store, so developers are limited in how they can help. Here are the things to try when there is a subscription issue: 1. Tap the menu (three horizontal bars in the upper left corner). Tap “Restore Purchase”. After some time, you should see a message that the subscription has been restored. Try accessing the subscription features. 2. Force PlaceMaker to close by swiping PlaceMaker up from the app switcher and relaunching the app. Directions from Apple are here. Try accessing the subscription features. 3. Restart the iPhone. Directions from Apple are here. Try to access the premium features again. Try accessing the subscription features. 4. Sign Out and Sign In to your iTunes and App Store account. Sign Out - From the Home Screen, Settings, “iTunes & App Store”, Tap Apple ID: (your id), Tap “Sign Out”. Sign In – From the Home Screen, Settings, Tap Sign In. Directions from Apple are here. Try accessing the subscription features. 5. Uninstall and reinstall PlaceMaker. You will lose all of your saved lists and places if you do this so be sure to email any lists to yourself that you would like to have after the re-installation. Directions from Apple to delete an app are here. Try accessing the subscription features.
  • PlaceMaker is taking a long time to launch.  What is happening?
    PlaceMaker sometimes re-indexes the cached places at application launch. To check how many saved places tap the menu (three horizontal bars in the upper left corner), and then tap “About”. The about box will display the number of Places. To remove the unused places (those not used on a list), tap the menu, and tap “Delete Saved Places.”
  • How do I set my preferred nav app (Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps, etc.)?"
    On iOS, tap on the menu (three bars) in the upper left corner, then tap on Settings, then tap Preferred Nav App and select the the app to use (Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps, Lyft, or Uber). If you select none, it will ask each time. On Android, tap on the options menu (three dots in the upper right corner), then tap Select Default Nav App.
  • How can I set the Nav App Integration to prefer GPS coordinates or address?
    When sending the destination to the nav app, PlaceMaker can either send the GPS coordinates or the address depending on what works better in your area. GPS coordinates will work more often, but may occassionally route to a nearby street instead of the street address. Street address will always route to the correct street, but may not work if the address cannot be found in the navigation application. On iOS, to set GPS/Address, tap the menu (three bars in the upper left), then tap Settings, then Use GPS or Address. On Android (Waze only), tap on the the options menu (three bars in the upper right), then tap Select Default Nav App, then tap Waze using Address or Waze using GPS.
  • How can I move my lists and places to a new device?
    On iOS, to create a backup file tap on the menu (three bars in the upper left corner of the map), then tap Settings, then tap Export Backup. To import the file, tap on the file and then tap Copy to PlaceMaker. On Android, to create a backup file tap on the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the map, then tap "Email PlaceMaker Backup". You can choose to email or save the backup file. To import the backup file, tap on the backup file, then tap on the file, and PlaceMaker will open and import the lists and places
  • I'm using the barcode scanner for FedEx labels and my icon colors are changing randomly.  Please make it stop.
    The app is setting the icon color based on the service code embedded in the FedEx label. There is an option to enable or disable this feature. Tap on the menu (three bars in the upper left corner), tap on Settings, and make sure the switch next to "Use FedEx barcode for Icon Color" is disabled (grey and swiped to the left) if you would like to set colors manually or enabled (green) if you would like the icon color set based on the service code.
  • How do I break up a list among 3 lists?
    You can split and merge lists. To split a list, tap the edit button (the pencil in the lower left corner), then tap split list. This will create two lists. If you want to split a list more than once, you need to open one of the split lists and split it again. To merge a list, tap on the menu (the three bars in the upper left corner), then tap Multiple Lists, select the lists you want to merge and tap Merge.
  • Why are stops being added in the middle of the list?
    There are two modes for adding stops - insert stop which adds a stop in the middle of the list where it will be placed where it minimizes the straight line distance to the previous and next stop. Append stop which will put the stop at the end of the list. To switch modes either use the buttons at the bottom of the list or change the option in Settings.
  • How do I delete my account?
    Only paid subscribers can sign-in to PlaceMaker and store lists in the cloud. If you are a paid subscriber and would like to delete your account and associated data, please email from the email address associated with your account.
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